March 2006

A trip to Riverdale Farm

Felis couchant

I guess he is kind of sinister-looking. Also, spot the Delphine!

Almost all the pictures I have of this trip show Delphine like this, with Gerald under one arm and looking at the ground.


We met up with Ursa at the farm.

She still keeps her arms up in the air when she sleeps.

Delphine was so tired that she fell asleep on the subway home.

this is the first picture Delphine has drawn that is clearly recognizable. (I know "this" should be capitalized, but Shift-t isn't working on this keyboard.)

And here's her first (actually third, but first photographed) attempt at writing her name. (She has reams of paper and dozens of crayons, but she would much rather draw on this three dollar magnetic board thing.)

Cordelia can't write or draw, but she's very cute.

Delphine got a good shiner at daycare.

A rare picture of me.

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