April 2006


Thomas with Delphine.

Dirty baby.




We got a new camera that has various mostly useless settings which do nifty things with the colours of whatever you're photographing. Here is Delphine with a setting that makes everything except blues black and white. Notice that the whites of her eyes are actually blue!

There is a setting which makes you look more tan. There's something creepy about a tanned baby.

Cordelia back to normal.

Thomas, green.

I bought some anti-histamines or sinus meds or something and inside they included this handy Venn Diagram of Misery.

I can't resist the blueberry lips. I think I take a picture every time I give her blueberries.

The post-Passover, tryptophan-induced haze.

Baba with Cordelia.


Zaida and Delphine in the purple playhouse.

"Oh Blair, you are so funny!"


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