April 2006

Delphine is almost 3;
Cordelia is seven months


This is her favourite outfit. It's getting a little small, but I don't have the heart to retire it.


We went to the Royal Ontarion Museum with Zaida. Delphine tried on this tribal costume thingy.

What's that?

Looking at Buddhas.

It was all kind of lost on Cordelia.

Crawling through the tunnel at the naturey explorey area.

Looking at the dinosaur with Zaida.

See what I mean about the blueberry lips?

To you and I it's a panty liner; to Delphine it's a matress big enough for all her little people to share!

Miss Ursa had a birthday party.

She got a doll house -- here is her mum demonstrating it.

Hungry baby.

VERY hungry!

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