May 10: Trip to Saskatchewan

Blake and Delphine by the rhubarb patch.

Delphine awaits her birthday lunch.

My dad pulled out all the stops with birthday cups, birthday tablecloth and birthday streamers. My dad is really sweet.

I bought Delphine some Australian animals for her birthday.

Gorilla is in a coma after eating too much cake.

Me and Delphine.

Me doing one of many, many loads of laundry.

Me and Cordelia.

Blake behind Cordelia.

The dock and some seagulls. No, I don't know why they have seagulls in Saskatchewan.

Our car, my mother's cat and some laundry out to dry.

Cordelia likes the little green chair, and Blake likes to read. He got a lot of reading done while we were away.

Blake also likes to put things on Cordelia's head.

She thinks it's pretty fun too.

I got a three-dollar kite from the toy store and it flies like stink -- it's really good. It's only a foot long, if that.


Me and Delphine.

The kite was so good even Cordelia could fly it.

My parents' next-door neighbours, Lorelai and Terry, took Delphine and I out in their boat. Delphine was non-plussed.

When we got back to the dock this kid had caught a huge fish. It was very Norman Rockwell. Except maybe for the beer shirt.

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