May 2006: More Saskatchewan

Me, driving.

Where there's smoke...

...there's fire. This turned out to be a chemical fire at a fertilizer distributor, and they closed the highway shortly after we went past, and locked down the local elementary school, and everything. Big excitement in Debden.


I don't know what you mean, flat.


And Delphine.

Wheat Pool coming...

...and going.

Highway hazards in Saskatchewan.

Pretty sky.

We have a thousand pictures of Delphine sleeping like this, but because we're so hard-assed about sleeping with Cordelia we have hardly any of her.

At the airport I showed Delphine how candy vending machines worked. This is her comparing the sour fruit button she already has to the M&Ms in the machine.

Sleeping on the airplane. Free clue, by the way: you might think it's a good idea to have your kid wear the overalls on the plane because they're so bulky to pack, but in fact they're a pain in the ass to take on and off in tiny little public bathrooms. Just leave the overalls at home.

Yes, she's always this happy. Even on an airplane. You know why? Because she's the only person the airplane is the right size for, that's why.

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