July 2006

There was a car crash. We took pictures. (No-one was hurt.)

Things Which Have No Home

I am starting to enter that mental state where I know I am going to move to a bigger home soon, so I stop trying hard to find places for things. It's premature, though, because we're going to be here for at least another eight months, and all the things which don't have proper homes are really starting to annoy me. So I photographed them, so they can annoy you too.

Baby backpack. A lot of kid things are really bulky and hard to store, so they just hang around.

Easel and laundry baskets.

Strollers. We have four strollers; this big one, the double stroller and two umbrella strollers. The umbrellas live in the front hall closet but the big ones just lurk around the dining room and office trying to look inconspicuous. Also visible in this picture is one of Blake's bike panniers, which don't fit in the front hall closet and so hang around the dining table whenever he's home.

Blankets; these are the ones that you snuggle under on cold evenings when you're watching TV. A smarter person would put these away for the summer, but I'm not even sure where I would put them in the long term. When we have a house and Cordelia is older and less prone to falling on sharp corners I am going to buy a couple of those Ikea HOL side tables with storage and stuff a blanket in each of them. There's also a breastfeeding pillow in that heap, but it is soon going to live at the house of a friend who is having a baby in September.

Toys; they live in the corner of the living room, all loose and disorganized. We're going to Ikea tomorrow to buy five more drawers for our Expedits, and I hope that will corral some of this chaos.

The not-yet-read newspaper travels from the dining table to the piano bench to the arm of my chair and back until it finally gets read and recycled; this one would be easily cured by just fixing the magazine rack which has been broken for six months now.

The high chair is huge and doesn't really fit anywhere. Fortunately it's on wheels so you can just kick it out of the way. Soon enough Cordelia will be eating at the table like a real person and we can pass this on to someone else.

Toddler rocking chair; I thought of getting rid of this because we hardly use it, but Cordelia might sit on it when she's older, and it's nice to park visiting babies in.

Empty vegetable bin from weekly organic vegetable delivery; this is the kind of thing you would keep in your back porch if you had one; I keep it in the guest bathroom tub.

The roasting pan and the salad spinner live on top of the fridge, which I guess is acceptable but I would be happier if nothing lived on top of the fridge.

Assorted bags; I suppose the front hall closet is the place for bags, but this milk-crate solution seems non-optimal. How do people with millions of bags and purses store them?

Chest freezer. Obviously we are really house people trying to squeeze ourselves into a condo, because I don't know anyone else who nonchalantly tries to hide a huge chest freezer in the corner of the living room. "Oh, that?!" Also we have a toolkit and a organizer full of nails and things which want to live in a basement, and a sander. I'm not sure where the sander came from; maybe the basement things are breeding because they're lonely and depressed, up here in the sky, far from the cool earth.

We do have a good place to store sleeping children, but this one keeps falling asleep elsewhere, like on the living room floor.

Tasty cock.

Wash it down with some milk.

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