A Week at the Cottage, 2006

We installed a fly catcher in the living room as soon as we got there.

Delphine helped Baba in the kitchen. One of the nice things about going on holiday with your in-laws for a week is that you pick up parenting ideas; I wouldn't have thought Delphine was old enough to help make dinner, but there are lots of things she can do, like shuck corn or trim beans. She also helped Zaida do dishes.

Crawling on the deck. I think someone else must have dressed her, because as I look at these pictures I realize that of the, like, five snaps on her shirt, only one of them is done up.

This is the path from the cottage to the beach. We had our own beach! Sweet.

Sitting on the deck. I was surprised how much time Blake spent outside, but there weren't too many bugs so he didn't hate it as much as he might have.

Delphine and Zaida played a complicated game around these lights in the front yard; here is Delphine telling Zaida he has to stand by the fence until it is his turn. "Over there!" (It was a very clothing-optional week. Well, for the girls, at least.)

Here is Zaida doing as he is told. He was stuck there for quite a long time.

It rained a couple of times.

The sunsets up there are legendary.

We dug a hole, covered it with a blanket, and stuck Cordelia in it. She wasn't thrilled, but it stopped her from eating sand for about five minutes.

Same picture, but with fill flash this time. Fill flash good.

Baba and Cordelia had a lot of fun in the water.

This is what the beach was like; I was pleasantly surprised by how big and white the beach was, almost like the seaside. The whole place was like a weird hybrid of a Saskatchewan lake resort town and the English seaside, with a big dollop of undefinable Ontario-ness.

This is me reading a book on the beach after dinner; it was nice, so cool and quiet, and I watched the sun as it slid over the horizon. Next year I am going to do that every night.

And this is me heading back to the cottage for cookies. I seem to be photographing better these days, which means you're going to have to put up with more pictures of me.

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