August 2006: A visit to Blythewood Estates

There are lots of huge sixties and seventies apartment complexes in my neighbourhood, surrounded by beautiful semi-public fountains and courtyards and gardens. I don't know how long they maintained the landscaping after the complexes were built, but in the nineties rent control made maintaining the buildings and their surrounds unprofitable, and the fountains were left empty and decaying.

A few years ago rent control was removed and through some economic alchemy the landlords now have the money and incentive to run the fountains and plant the gardens and paint the courtyards. But I heard rent control is coming back in some form or another, so I thought I had better photograph these beautiful mid-century buildings while they were still pretty.

You can't tell from this picture, but this fountain and raised sitting area are still in disrepair; I guess they haven't got around to fixing up everything yet.

But most of the complex has been cleaned up and nicely landscaped.

A raised sitting area beside the functioning pool.

Another working fountain.

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