November 2006, and Hallowe'en

Cordelia really didn't want to be a gnome for Hallowe'en, which is too bad because look how cute!

Ursa, Delphine, and their little friend from daycare who I won't name because I don't have her permission. All little princesses, by shocking coincidence.

Blake and a sleeping Cordelia. You can tell from her downturned mouth that she would really rather be in bed.

Delphine eating some of her Hallowe'en candy. She spent a good thirty minutes sitting at the table methodically crunching away at that candy necklace.

Cordelia doing her favourite thing, pulling stuff out of the corner cupboard...

...and then getting in it herself.

The spear I pulled out of my foot. Gross! This is what happens when you don't take proper care of hardwood floors; they turn on you!

Cordelia in her seventies Dad shirt. Her ears still stick out.

Delphine in her footy pajamas, all tired because we kept her up too late at our housecooling party. (Photo credit: Kathryn)

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