December 2006: The New House

The floorplan for the main floor, as sketched by our (potential) contractor.



Our little tree. I couldn't stomach putting up and taking down the real tree when we had so much unpacking to do already, so I bought one of these pre-decorated jobs.

Yes, she's looking a little thin; we're getting it looked into.

I love this light fixture in the kitchen; it looks like someone's stuck a jam jar to the ceiling.

The old linoleum in the kitchen is disgusting and cracked.

I was much happier once we got a few little things, like the knife rack, installed. It's good to have your own stuff around.

The people across the street are, um, devout. The same family owns both houses so they spread their nativity across both yards.

A nice Santa came to Delphine's daycare.

Cordelia wasn't impressed.

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