January 01 2007: House Pictures

What the living room looks like with our stuff in it. I don't think our furniture is quite the right, um, scale for this house. We are going to shuffle things around and get some new, smaller chairs after a while.

The front hall, now with hooks. We still need some kind of storage bench and maybe a shelf for baskets, and someplace to hang my keys.

The previous owners left this fantastic Art Deco cabinet thing which we are using in the kitchen for now. I would love to get the doors replaced and use it somewhere for real one day. Maybe upstairs as a dresser?

The stove still looks pretty much the same, but with more crap on it. I am getting really attached to it; I'm almost tempted to trade it in for another refurbished vintage stove... we probably won't, though, since I'm not about to pay a premium for an old stove.

Omar looks quite at home here.

So does Blake.

The dining room is too small for our huge desk and bookcase as well as the dining table; the previous owners had a tiny two person dining table in here, whereas ours seats six. Once we knock out the wall we can move the bookcase over and put the dining table in the middle where it belongs.

The chandelier in the dining room is kind of ugly but not hideous. That whole lightbulbs in the shape of candle flames thing kind of falls apart when your lightbulbs are pointing down... I expect we will replace it when we redo the wiring.

The molding around the doors and windows is great -- simple but bold. For some reason some previous owner hung huge horizontal blinds over the moldings; as we replace those with blinds set into the window frames the moldings will emerge and look fantastic.

This is the world's worst light fixture. Seriously. It's a stick with two lightbulbs attached to it. Why? Why?

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