Reno, Week One

The kitchen after we mostly cleared it out.

Part of the new, temporary kitchen in the dunge... uh, basement.

These are the colours our kitchen was -- green, more green, and greenish blue.

Demolition debris in the backyard.

Where they peeled the trim off one of the doors.

All that remains of The Stove, which was, yes, hardwired to the building. Some guy named Joseph came and picked it up one day and it now has a good home at Addison Appliances. I hope they treat it well.

The state of the dining room, ie Central Ops.

The kitchen floor after they ripped up the old linoleum tiles and sub-floor. The floorboards are in such good condition that we could almost clean them up, varnish them and use them as the floor.

Where the sink was. Apparently that particular shade of green pre-dates the sink. Ah, domestic archaeology.

I came home on the first day to find my phone safely taped behind this plastic film on the front hall mirror shelf. So don't bother calling.

The first view of the hole which will eventually be the pass-through between the kitchen and the dining room.

Looks like all the lath came off when they were doing the kitchen side.

This is our living room, what remains of our useable main-floor living space. The cats, I believe, spend their days on the couch staring beadily at the workers, or sleeping.

Real switches in sensible places for lots and lots of lights! I am excessively excited by this aspect of the reno. It feels like 2007!

The hole, nicely finished and drywalled on the dining room side. Look at that light from the kitchen window!

Same hole, same day, other side. Still waiting on the drywall for that side.

Random and entirely gratuitous Blake and Cordelia shot.

What the living room looks like with real live afternoon light coming in through the pass-through. Hooray!

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