Reno, Week Two

Another shot of the new passthrough between the kitchen and the dining room, clearly one of the highlights of this reno. There was some debate as to whether we should open up the wall altogether or just do a passthrough. We decided on the passthrough on the grounds that it's more old-fashioned, and it would give us an opportunity to reuse the trim which framed the archway between the former living room and dining room areas.

In the kitchen, where the sink used to be. You can see the plumbing for the new location of the sink, as well as the ducting for the range hood, and the wiring for the under-cabinet lighting.

The backyard served as a rubbish dump for a while because we don't have a spot for a dumpster. Pretty sad looking.

Speaking of sad, this was our living room for a few weeks -- all our daily activities were squeezed into this one corner of the main floor where not much was being changed. It didn't suck too much; at least we could still watch TV and play on the Internet.

Just the bathroom, where we haven't changed much, but this is really just another shot of the pretty Decora light switches. Hooray, light!

We took down the gnarly old blinds (one of the workers called them bulletproof) so they could paint the trim, and while we wait for the new blinds to come we are doing this nice ghetto window treatment with baby blankets and duct tape. You can see we painted our bedroom green; with the striations left behind on old, oft-painted-over wallpaper it looks kind of grassy.

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