Reno, Week Four

Delphine and Cordelia sharing Delphine's chocolate Easter Bunny.

I know, we kind of skipped a week of taking pictures. We got overwhelmed by the whole process, I think, and just hid in our "living room" every night and pretended nothing was happening. And to be fair, for a long time they were just patching and sanding drywall, which takes a really long time and makes almost no visible difference. But then they got on with trimming, and the kitchen floor got done, so from the last set of pictures to this set it looks like a whole lot of stuff got done, which it did.

We reused some trim to finish the end of the wall in the living room, where we so rudely truncated it. It was Blake's idea to put a little cap at the top, which I think looks great.

The much photographed passthrough, now trimmed so you can see what I was talking about with reusing the trim. Nice, eh? I like how they matched it up so neatly with the height of the door. Also this is our paint colour, kind of warm khaki. Very inoffensive, because it has to be a living room, dining room, stairway and upstairs hall colour. Also see our huge new freezer-bottom fridge, and our cat who is possessed, but only slightly.

The front hall, with the wood floor taken up but no tiles down yet. Also the painter painted the front door white, which is great because before it was a dirty putty colour that clashed with our pleasantly putty coloured walls.

Delphine demonstrating the beautiful kitchen floor. I love the Marmoleum; I love how it's so smooth and easy to sweep, not like tile where everything gets caught in the grout.


We interrupt this reno for an Easter Sunday trip to the park.


Cordelia pretending to be solemn and thoughtful like her sister.

That never lasts long.

Blake coming to join us with coffee in hand.

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