April 2007

My fancy light in the kitchen. Blake didn't want a crystal chandelier, so I put some sparkle in the kitchen, incongruously over the sink.

The kitchen cabinets in but no counters yet. The counters took forever because we have to have a huge piece of Formica custom-machined, so we got really used to doing everything little bits of scrap lumber balanced across the top of the cabinets. In this picture you can also see how great the pass-through looks on the kitchen side.

The front hall, with my awesome Deco-style light and hooks. It's looking a little schoolhouse-ish.

Little cat footprints in the cement they put down before they laid the front hall tiles.

The living room towards the end of the reno. I am mostly posting this to remind myself how far we have come; I still feel the house looks half-done and college-y, but it looks way better now than it did five months ago!

Now we're cooking with gas!

This is my creation, my design. It's a wall of 12" deep cabinets with an opening in the middle which I use as a stand-up office; there is a phone there now, and I keep my planner there. I am very pleased with it.

Cordelia is cute. I am pleased with her too.

Front hall tiles, half done. Spot the mistake! The mistake was actually in the factory-laid sheets of tile, it wasn't a mistake by our tiler. He was quite indignant.

Delphine surveys the raspberries, which I don't think we knew were raspberries at the time. They were just a mysterious forest of sticks.

Why keep your shoe on when you can take it off and get your sock filthy?

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