May 2007

The kitchen with the counter and sink installed. It is completely contrary to any current trends to have an all-white kitchen with a vintage sink and linoleum and Formica, and I love it. I don't think kitchens should be luxurious and look like they have furniture in them and that no-one ever sullies their manicure by actually cooking in there. I think a kitchen should be like a lab, bright and crisp and easy to sanitise. Also this kitchen makes me feel like donning a poodle skirt and frilly apron.

Delphine and Cordelia.

And Delphine and Cordelia after Delphine's birthday haircut.

Cordelia playing in a box.

The front hall, tiled and finished and full of our crap.

Delphine's Birthday

Delphine prepares to try out her fourth birthday present.

Delphine made that shirt for Blake at daycare last Father's Day.

The front garden looked really nice for a while in spring, with the bleeding heart, some daffodils, forsythia, lots of ostrich ferns, and even a rose.

A Trip to Centreville

Delphine and I went on a swan boat, which was fun enough but the damn thing didn't steer! I kept running into the edge of the pond like an idiot. Curse you, swan seven!

Silliness. Blake would like you to note that he was holding one girl up on each knee so they could reach the little windows. Also look how tiny Blake's hand is! I married him for his dainty little hands.

Ursa and Delphine on the boat ride.

Blake and Cordelia do a touristy shot of the Toronto skyline. While we were there some guy was trying to take sexy pictures of himself against the skyline with his cellphone - we speculated that he was taking a picture for Lavalife; "I really do live in Toronto!"

I drew Chirp and Delphine coloured him in.

Cordelia gets dirty a lot. Really dirty.

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