September 2007 Deck Party

I was a little conflicted about posting all these pictures of people without clearing it with everyone first, so if you want me to take down your picture and name let me know.

Cordelia at the kids' buffet table. Mmm, goldfish and blueberries.

Peter and Ellen.

Jef and MiniJef.

Frank and Anne.


Sean and side Burns.

Colleen and John Burns! You don't need to look so suspicious, Colleen. ...okay, maybe you do.

Look at all those lovely geeky men. I miss geeky men.

Sara, Henry, our neighbour, and Morgan.

Tan Quach!

Momo and Cordelia.

Andy and Erik.

Delphine and Ursa playing in the bubbles.

The lovely Jeff.

It doesn't really compare to the view from our condo, but it's all green if you like that kind of thing.

Baba, Sara and Morgan. Sara looks totally hot with glasses.

Lots of people.

Ellen and two of her lovely children.

...and her lovely number three.

Little Jeffrey. Dude, we had a lot of Jeffs at that party.

Mike, Kathryn and Janet.


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