October 2007

A Trip To The Museum

Blake and the girls on the train down to the ROM.


Cordelia in a box. The new addition to the ROM is Daniel Libeskind's standard spiky all-weird-angles thing.

Delphine, also in a box.

Cordelia doesn't want to get out of the box.

Cordelia the paleontologist.

Delphine is very serious and needs two brushes.

This is what they made at Kindergarten for thanksgiving. Well, one of the many turkey-themed crafts they did.

Cordelia sticks her finger in her nose more than I would like. She seems to enjoy it up there.

Delphine slipped and managed to land on her cheek. She walked around for weeks with this abrasion on her face and got really tired of people asking about it.

Cordelia, meanwhile, fell off a chair and had this amazing technicolour bruise on her eye for a couple of weeks.

She's fierce!

Happy faces!

Cordelia and baby Otis.

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