December 2007

Cordelia in the Santa suit.

You're going to see this Santa suit every year until everyone has well and truly grown out of it! As it is Delphine looks a little Hobbity in it.

Delphine and Ursa in fuzzy jammies and ponytails.

I have a mantlepiece to decorate! It's not tasteful but I like it.

Cordelia and Delphine in front of the staircase of stockings. Auntie J'Anne made all the stockings! I don't know why the girls are wearing swimsuits.

We had a big snowstorm! So we went to the museum.

I am no fan of the new addition to the ROM, but I like this window in the dinosaur exhibit. I didn't get a great picture of it but it opens onto a bit of balcony and a window from the old part of the building. It looked really neat with the snow blowing in.

Pouty faces.

This might be the only picture in the entire universe of me and my girls.

We did this crazy hippie craft where you make a lamp with the peel of a mandarin orange and some cooking oil.

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