Christmas 2007

Blake and his girlies.

Cordelia checking out a Jacob's Ladder and what looks like a diaphragm but is actually a crazy popping toy; you turn it inside out and set it down and after some unspecified interval it turns itself right side out with great force and flies three feet up in the air, scaring the crap out of everyone in the vicinity, especially cats.

Damn, that's an ugly tree. But look at all the presents!

Delphine is nonplussed by "The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish".

But everyone likes "Super Ursa and Mighty Delphine in A Swinging Adventure!" Yes, my friend made a comic book about our girls. My friends are cool.


Delphine stamping.

Cordelia likes to stamp as well.

I got some bling. And some sun damage, check that out! Mental note, must wear sunscreen next year.

More bling. Everyone finally realized that nothing makes me happier than cheap sparkly jewellery. Well, maybe expensive sparkly jewellery, but who can afford that?

Blake got a scarf.

Cordelia got the giggles.

Delphine's Playmobil people finally got a bathroom. Those poor little plastic people hadn't had a shower for years. To say nothing of a toilet.

Blake got himself an iPod touch.

Delphine got taller.

Cordelia did too.

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