June: Haircuts and Graduations

On those really hot days all you can do is lie around watching TV.

We got a little George!

Delphine's class "graduated" — here she is with two of her classmates.

My mum bought the girls this amazing rocking horse which they love. "I always, always wanted a rocking horse!"

Cordelia puts her shoes on the wrong feet and her glasses on upside-down. She's two and a half, what do you want? At least she's enthusiastic.

Here's the list of names Delphine made.

I took the girls to get their hair cut on Wednesday. Here's Delphine. She hates it because it's not straight enough. I know... I think it's really cute.

Cordelia's hair finally grew long enough to cut it into an actual style. I love this! It reminds us of Ramona.

This is Cordelia at her end-of-term party, surrounded by miscellaneous schoolmates.

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