June 2008

I think she looks like Che Guevara here, with the silly moustache and the green hat.

Delphine took some pictures. Some of them are weird — well, all of them are weird, but I like this one. It's a still-life of some stuff on the mantlepiece. I like the crazy composition, and how the flowers are all washed out.

Delphine might have taken this picture, too.

The girls playing on the sidewalk. You can see how urban and stylish our neighbours' front yard is. Not like ours.

Cordelia dancing.

Delphine (and Cordelia but Delphine was the mastermind) put on a fashion show with a Colour theme. Here is Green.

And here White. They ran out of steam after two colours, but assured me the show would continue with Blue at some unspecified future time.

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