July 2008: Painted Porch and Garden Pics

Garden Pictures

The hosta that J'Anne bought for us has settled in nicely and borne some beautiful flowers already!

This is the border under the porch. It's looking much better than last year, with more hostas, coleus, and ferns. I might should have moved that hose before I took the picture.

I have about six lilies growing but only one flower. The other ones are too short and puny. I think the one that has succeeded gets just a little more sun. Maybe I should try and move the others?

Next year's job is to fill this border in a bit, with more hostas and maybe astilbe or something. Maybe more sedum? Whatever looks good. We're also going to whack down the hedge by about half. That's one lame hedge.

Some things in pots.

This is the backyard, the sunniest spot on the property. All through June this was just a mess of foliage, but now the daylilies and whatever those purple things are have flowered it looks a little less incompetent. A little. I don't really like this bed.

Delphine likes to complain about how lame our backyard is. Normally I don't like to hear her whining about how badly off she is, but I have to admit the backyard is pretty pathetic if you're a little kid; no play structure, no swing set, no sand box, no pool, not even a tree to climb. This is the only thing we have, and it's far too small for either of them. I wish I had money, I would buy them a wonderful play fort with a slide and swings.

This is our vegetable garden. Some vegetables are doing better than others, but it's pretty impressive considering we mostly neglect it. We'll see how good our harvest is.

We have lots of weeds. I guess that means our soil is good. My plan is to pull all this junk up this fall and put down grass seed and lots of bulbs. Just as a place holder until we figure out what the heck we're going to do with all this backyard.

This is the shade garden J'Anne planted last year. It looks great!


One of Delphine's proudest accomplishments this summer has been learning to climb this tree. Here she is with Ursa and a neighbour.

Cordelia on the porch.


Speaking of the porch, it has taken a beating in the last year and a half (apparently the previous owners never even used the front door) and as you can see desperately needed a coat of paint. I also wanted to paint the front door because that putty colour wasn't really doing it for me.

The door was first. I wanted green, and initially I was thinking of a true green, but then I gravitated more and more towards a yellow green. This is what I ended up with, and honestly I was a bit shocked when it was done.

I actually hated it for a day and was planning to do it over.

The following weekend we painted the floor. Blake chose this colour.

Now I love the door and floor together. Without the blue the green door was strident, but the blue floor bring out its playfulness. On the bottom left of this picture you can see the potato vines which inspired the door colour; I wanted something really fresh and springy.

My favourite surprise bonus is the reflected blue light on the living room ceiling on sunny mornings.

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