August 2008

Decorating cupcakes on my birthday.

Delphine riding without training wheels!

...and going.

Blake went this far on his bike.

The girls got all dressed up for something (can't remember what.)

Izzy, the ancient senile cat from two doors over, likes our new deck furniture.

The people two doors over the other way have this amazing vine growing all over their garage.

Does anyone know what it's called?

This is the lane that goes behind our house.

I was going to ask if anyone knew what this was, but I found it in a book. It's a creeping bellflower and apparently it's terribly invasive. I quite like it, but then I'm not a farmer.

Does anyone know what this is? Bees love it.

Here it is again.

Here's another neat flower for you garden geeks to ID for me.

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