Saskatchewan in August, 2008

Cordelia enjoying one of the ubiquitous cookies.

Cordelia in a swing. All the playgrounds we went to in Saskatchewan were awesome.

Blake and the girls watching TV. Blake said it was just like when he visited his Baba in Winnipeg.

Delphine and Mum watching TV. Not sure if my Mum wanted to be on the Internet, but at least she has her lippy on.

We went boating. Blake and I took each of the girls out in the canoe, and then we went fishing in Rick and Shirley's motorboat.

Delphine doesn't look too sure.

Cordelia think it's too loud.

Just because you're rich doesn't mean you have good taste.

Blake out of his natural habitat.

It's really pretty there.

We saw pelicans!

Cordelia and Delphine "fishing" with my mum's friend Shirley.

Here's one of the fish we caught! We threw it back in favour of the already-clean and frozen one in Shirley's freezer.

The girls on Shirley's porch.

This is the view from Shirley's porch. Pretty good life, eh?

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