September 2008

Blake and the girls on Delphine's first day of senior kindergarten.

Delphine likes to make shopping lists: tomatoes, pasta, macaroni, lemons, peas, lettuce, bananas. I especially like the illustrations.

Delphine made herself a laptop computer. As you can see, there is an email message on the screen. Once she opened the computer and was disappointed that it was the same email message again. "You have old mail."

Cordelia drew a hyclops.

Cordelia on her first day of nursery school.

Cordelia fell and messed her face up.

This is one of those freaky pictures the Wintons love because Delphine looks exactly like Blake in it.

Cordelia Turned Three!

Cordelia's birthday cake. She wanted tomatoes on it!

Blake and Delphine playing with the Crazy Fort (tm) we got Cordelia for her birthday.

Cordelia was fascinated by the rubber rat she got.

Zaida cuts the cake.

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