October and Hallowe'en 2008

Cordelia with a Thank You note she and Delphine created for Baba's friend Bob.

Our front hall. Tidy for once.

Our front yard and kids playing in the street. Yeah, we live on a street where kids play ball and skateboard. It's good here.

Cordelia was sick. Awww...

Delphine cheered her up!

Cordelia on the swing.

Delphine pushing Cordelia!

Our halloween decorations. There's something thoroughly unscary about a chartreuse door and sky blue floor.

Even the leaves on our street are pretty.

Cordelia was a princess this Hallowe'en.

Delphine was a ballerina cat. Don't ask me, she made it up herself. Here she is with a couple of friends from school, a witch and a Bratz (tm) girl. (Gag.) (Okay, I had to crop the other kids out of the shot because apparently someone posted a video of the kindergarten concert to YouTube and all the other parents freaked out. I don't know what people think will happen to their precious spawn in word gets out on the INTERNETS that they EXIST, but there you go. You didn't hear about the existence of these other children from me. As far as you know Delphine is the only kid in her class! No other little girls around here! Nor boys! If you're looking for little kids, don't come to North Toronto! It's not like we have a public school or two around! No, because that would mean we have children! Which we don't! So go away, creepy INTERNET PEOPLE!)

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