March 2009

Cordelia looking surprisingly like Delphine, which goes to show that the only difference between Delphine and Cordelia is longer hair and a sullen expression.

"Even though it's my birthday I don't want you to take my picture."

Momo and Baba.

Morgan and the girls made this very surprising cake for Blake. And it was delicious too!

I made a less surprising, but taller cake. We like cake around here. Two birthday cakes is not too many.

Delphine and I worked for three hours cleaning her room, and she was very proud of the result. She's kept it tidy for over a month now!

We finally put up the glow-in-the-dark stars that we bought for Delphine's fifth birthday. Because I'm a colossal nerd I had to put them up in real constellations. I contemplated just putting them up randomly but I literally could not bring myself to do it. But you can see I screwed up the all-important navigation aid; the two stars at the far edge of the little dipper are not actually lined up pointing at the North Star. At some point I will fix that because it's bothering me.

It was a warm day so the girls modelled their new bathing suits.

Baba and the girls have a cuddle on the deck.

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