August 2009 Trip to Saskatchewan
The girls and I went to Saskatchewan to stay with Granny for a couple of weeks this summer. We went to the beach, we took a walk in the woods, we visited a cattle farm and we went fishing.

Delphine at the beach at Nesslin Lake. It was 18 degrees and I was freezing, but she was into it.

Me and Cordelia snuggling on the beach.

Cordelia finally warmed up.

Delphine and I playing with the camera.

C-c-c-cold C-C-C-Cordelia.

We saw lots of interesting funguses in the woods.

Little Girls in the Big Wood.

We saw a frog! We never see frogs in the city.

This is Trouble. He's a quarter Highland. He's not really trouble. He's so sweet, in fact, that they're going to train him to pull a cart.

Proof the girls visited a cattle farm.

They had two miniature goats on the cattle farm, too.

We caught some fish, and Delphine held one! You have to stick your fingers in their eye sockets to get a good grip.

On the way home from fishing the girls swanned around at the front of the boat.

My mother painted her house! She was going for more of a terracotta but she got this awesome coral colour.

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