Summer Fun

My friend Tanya took this artsy picture of my laundry.

Our neighbour was power-washing his fence and the children bothered him until showered them.

Our house looks so genteel-ly decayed in this picture. It's not, really. Just that one window.

It was a really hot day so Cordelia and Blake and Thomas conked out on the couch in a sweaty heap. Mmm.

We harvested a strawberry. That was the only one - the strawberry plant was soon smothered by weeds. I'm a bad gardener. (Next year maybe I'll do a strawberry in a pot.)

Thomas is getting old and weird and snuggly - one day he decided to try sleeping on my desk while I worked. I took a picture but then I shoved him off - can't put up with that for long.

We went to Centreville with Otis and Ursa.

Everyone got to go on the bee ride except Delphine. Here she is being sad about that.

Cordelia and Otis on the little boats. Otis is Cordelia's sidekick these days.

Delphine and Ursa on the carousel.

Cordelia didn't really like the carousel.

There's a cool tree on the island that's, like, all branches and no trunk - perfect for climbing.

I got my nails done to match the band on the Hello Kitty! watch Dave brought me from Tokyo.

My toenails don't match anything.

It rained this afternoon, and the girls went out for some puddle-jumping with friends after dinner.

We went for haircuts this morning and Delphine decided to have a few inches taken off.

She also lost a tooth - now she looks like a real second-grader!


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