New York Adventure: Day 2

The view from our hotel. It wasn't in one of those fancy Queens neighbourhoods...

Cordelia and I (and some other people) watching a demonstration at F.A.O. Schwartz.

Delphine loves penguins.

Delphine loves dolphins too. This is at Rockefeller Center. (Which is, by the way, entirely devoid of trash cans.) (Do you see how green it is! While it was grey and snowy all the way from Toronto to New York. Hooray for heat islands!)

The girls and a giant rose sculpture.

Sometimes they don't agree...

Even the pigeons are fancier in New York. Actually this is in the amazing Tropic Zone at the Central Park Zoo; it's a rainforest room absolutely stuffed with spectacular birds.

The Tisch Children's Zoo has lots of cement animals your children can climb on and demand you take pictures of them.

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