March to June Pictures

Delphine got hold of the camera and took some shots of Cordelia.

An unusual straight-down shot.

Max (who lives across the street) is petitioning to be our second cat, but Thomas is holding up a strong front.

I threw some bulbs in my otherwise crummy front yard. They look really great, so I ordered some more for next year. (I need something really early, like crocuses.)

I spilled some birdseed on the back deck and this visitor came to eat it. I don't know why she was out during the day, but she hung around for quite a while.

This is Delphine on her 8th birthday, in her 8th birthday outfit. Eight is really big!

On the bus to Kat's barbeque. (Yes, that's the birthday skirt.)


Okay, I'll smile. We were making faces at each other across the subway car.

We got a new camera and it has a three-years-ago-hipster tilt-shift setting. Seriously! So here is mini Janet.

For some reason whenever we go to Kat's place the girls eventually start sneaking around trying not to be noticed. It's a thing they do.

Don't take my picture.

Delphine this morning. She doesn't want her picture taken either. (Yes, that is the birthday shirt.)


We went to the Davisville Spring Fair today, and they were doing yoga classes for the kids. Here they are being rocks.

Here they are being warriors.

Here they are being dead. (None of the fancy yoga places seem to call it "corpse pose". Too bad.)

And here we are being silly.

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