Japan: Sunshine City and Misc.

I came upon these topiary owls while I was wandering.

Lining up for KFC? Hunh.

Creative socks.

Dave and I went to the top of Sunshine 60 in Sunshine City to see the view.

A reflection of my feet over a park. This is what most parks in Tokyo seem to be like: lots of grey gravelly ground cover and some trees. Occasionally there are garden beds. I'm not sure what they have against lawn.

Land space is so tight in Tokyo that lots of buildings have games fields on them. This field is for futsal.

I'm not sure what this is for. They also have tennis courts, putting greens and driving ranges, and swimming pools on roofs.

Another park, with a typical Tokyo "playground", i.e., one little structure with a slide and maybe some monkey bars.

Daytime karaoke! So cool, yet really weird. I love the Victorian wallpaper, too. Drew Hamilton came out to karaoke with us.

Fish heads, fish heads...

Colonel, you've put on some weight since you came to Japan...

One of the nice things about the soda and junk drinks in Japan is that they come in tiny little bottles, but I did spot some unneccessarily giant bottles. Fortunately on this side of the pond we can now get 200mL cans of soda, so I guess choice is good.

I took this picture, apart from the fact that I love floor plans, because it struck me that although Tokyo housing is supposedly legendarily small, these houses are about the same size as ours. (Of course we have an 80 foot backyard.) The two floors on the left are the same house, and the two floors on the right are another house. It looks like the house on the right has the bedrooms on the main floor and the kitchen and living room upstairs – I'm not sure if that's as weird in Japan as it is here. LDK is, I think, Living Dining Kitchen. The number in the middle of each room is the number of tatami mats you can fit in. I'm not sure what the green rooms are for; they might be washitsu. I would call mine a den and would like to point out that I don't have one in my house. Finally, notice that the toilet has its very own room separate from the sink, which is in turn separate from the bathtub.

I took this picture because I like the product design, but holy shit, $3.68 for a can of soup?!

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