More Summer Pictures, 2011

We thought it would be cool to take a picture like this at Centreville every year. Cordelia didn't think it would be cool and refused to be in the picture.

Teacup ride at Centreville.

The Boat Ride. I don't know why they went on this one because everyone hated it (except Otis who rang the bell). Delphine and Cordelia hit each other for most of the ride.

These seagulls are stealing Delphine and Ursa's funnel cake. I had to take a picture because I knew Delphine wouldn't believe it wasn't a human.

I took the girls downtown one day at the end of August; our first stop was Nathan Phillip's Square to look at the tributes to Jack Layton.

Then we went down to the Harbourfront and took a boat over to one of Jack's favourite places, the Islands.

My future condo.

Me and Cordelia.

Posed shot on the bridge on Centre Island.

The girls were a lot wetter on the boat ride back to Toronto.

While we were on the island the sun came out, so I took more pictures of Toronto.

Back on the mainland, we checked out the rather weird new park at the bottom of Sherbourne called Sherbourne Common. It's, like, a playground designed by hipsters. Cool looking, but not altogether welcoming.

Delphine's awesome new shoes.

Waiting for the bus.

First day of school; Delphine to Grade Three and Cordelia to Grade One.

Delphine in her new ballet clothes.

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