March Break 2012

Last year for March Break we went to New York, which was totally awesome. This year we spent the week making our house bigger. Well, we didn't actually make it bigger, but we made our basement into a place which we can use and will actually want to be in, instead of a dusty, spider-infested, cluttered horror show.

Before. What an unholy pile of crap. I have no idea how it got that bad (apart from three years of neglect).

It's like a horrible version of the "Do You See What I See" books Cordelia loves so much. Do you see what I see: a can of caulk; Enviro-girl, a fan, a Lands' End box, Harvey Keitel?

I have trouble getting rid of paint. Blake mocks me for it, but for one thing I don't know what to do with leftover paint, and for another, I love painting things. Paint is wonderful!

After a day of clearing and sorting, we got this far. Floor!

But this is the rest of the basement. Still plenty to do after Day One.

Baby steps: the space under the stairs cleared out and scrubbed.

After we sorted everything out (five bags of garbage, six bags of Goodwill donations, two bags of recycling, a shelf of things to Craigslist, and lots of paint) we painted everything that would hold still. We painted the wall, the giant table, the front of the tool room, and the stairs. There's me painting the stairs. (See? I love to paint.)

The wall and the legs of the table are Benjamin Moore's Serenity; the top of the table is just white.

We picked up this rug off the curb on Tuesday. Sometimes things just come to you when you need them.

The stairs are painted Summer Day by Benjamin Moore, and the the banister is Icicle. (The jaunty yellowish-green on the wall was already there; Mr Pereira must have painted it in a fit of uncharacteristic whimsy.) The bit of carpet (professionally nailed down by moi) is a scrap of the stuff we had in the condo - for some reason we moved it over here and stored it for five years.

While we were painting stuff anyway I painted the wall above the cabinet in the laundry. (It was unfinished drywall before.) This is I Love You Pink by Benjamin Moore, the colour that Delphine's room is painted.

The finished playroom.

And from the other angle. Most of the stuff on the big shelf is to go on Craigslist/SwapSity.

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