January to March, otherwise

On what turned out to be the only snow-on-the-ground weekend of the winter, we went sledding at the Leaside High School field. It's always a great spot, but this year they had some snow fencing up around the track at the bottom of the hill. The girls lost control of their sled on one run and Delphine's face took the brunt of the collision with the fence. (Later Cordelia ran over someone's ancient standard poodle; no harm done.)

We got intrepid and decided to fix our washing machine. With help from Google and PartSelect we diagnosed the problem and ordered a new pump, and then replaced it ourselves. It wasn't that hard!

The new pump.

The runoff from the school field creates this miniature cataract; Delphine and I tried to photograph it so it looked huge.

Delphine's ballet class did a presentation for a Royal Academy of Dance examiner. They take it very seriously and insisted that the instructors should do the girls' buns. (I get it — at this level most moms can't do a really good bun.)

Ready to go.

Cordelia loves taking care of her little cousin Charlie. She should have been the big sister...

The distortion mirror at the Science Centre amuses Cordelia. "I'm so short and fat!" I like to stand in front of the "normal" mirror and say loudly, "Wow, this one makes me look really fat!"

I don't know how his hair does that.

Yet another thing we love about the Science Centre is the fruit trees planted around the edge of the parking lot. They are little and gnarly and perfect for climbing.

Over March Break Delphine went for a one-day opera camp. They studied and performed a very abridged version of Gianni Schicchi.

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