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If you want to read more about our adventures this summer, I wrote a giant blog post about it.

The girls dressed up for Kat and Joel's wedding.

So did Blake. That's on the rooftop outside the wedding chamber at City Hall.

Here is the lovely couple signing the registry.

On my birthday we went to the Windsor Arms for afternoon tea. It was elegant.

On the way to Centreville. The girls and U and O like to stand in the place in the subway where the train cars join up. For the wobbling.

This is the last hurrah on the Bee Ride — U will be too tall for it next year, and Delphine probably will be too.

Fort York has a great view of the city.

This is the wavy sidewalk on the waterfront which caused a tourist to say, "But what's it for?" Toronto: we're just whimsical. (We're totally not whimsical.)

That bit Cordelia is sliding down is shiny from the bums of many children.

Delphine playing the fife we got at Fort York.

Angry Cordelia. I have so many pictures of Angry Cordelia I was thinking of creating a new designation in iPhoto Faces for her.

We went for a ride on the Kajama, a tall ship.

Learning to juggle at the Circus exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre.

Delphine overseeing the construction of the house at KidSpark. (Also at the Science Centre.)

On a ride at the Ex.

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