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On the last Sunday before school started we went downtown, I can't remember why, and had lunch out at Mr. Greenjeans. (I remember going there once in university with Ian Goldberg and a bunch of other CSC people. Life is so weird.)

Me and Delphine.

Oh, now I remember, we went downtown to check out that Discover Yonge or Appreciate Yonge, or whatever it was called. They closed off a lane of Yonge Street each way and set up patios and planters and displays. The best part was the Parks Canada display with a natural playground right in the street. They also did these black spray-on tattoos. Cordelia got a star...

I got a white pine, and Delphine got the turtle you can see in the first picture. Mine was so good most people thought it was real.

Blake and Cordelia being silly.

Blake and Cordelia being nice.

Another nice picture of Blake.

After lunch we went and explored that little square between the Eaton Centre and City Hall. We weren't sure if you're allowed to wade in the little pond and river, but we figured better to ask forgiveness...

By the time we left there were several other people wading, too.

And then it was the first day of school. The girls had new umbrellas and new sneakers.

Another first: first day of Guides.

September is also our deck party, which means my dining room is full of food...

my kitchen is full of grown-ups...

and my backyard is full of kids.

And at the end of September is Cordelia's birthday. This is her cake, decorated to her exact specifications: chocolate icing, her full name in green icing in cursive, and coloured sprinkles.

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