October 2012

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A couple of years ago we planted flowers on the south side of the school. Of course after we planted them no-one bothered to water them, and some idiots in the TDSB landscaping maintenance department cut them down that summer. However, they are indigenous wildflowers (aka, "weeds") so some of them survived, including black-eyed susans and...

...some bee balm.

A giant wasp in the backyard.

Some fungus growing on the pile of wood the tree guys left in our yard.

This is the cake I made for Cordelia's birthday party. (Her birthday was in September but we ended up having the party a week or two into October. And I think she ended up having three cakes for this birthday.)

Cordelia's party was a reboot of the sciency birthday party we threw for Delphine when she turned seven. We mixed food colouring, vinegar, baking soda and sparkles — it was messy.

Cake with sparklers.

The gory aftermath. We used up all the glitter, all the baking soda and all the vinegar.

Cordelia got lots of cute round things.

Blake and the girls did a cat jack o' lantern for Hallowe'en.

Delphine was Legolas, which is less of an awesome costume when you can't take weapons to school. Turns out Legolas without a bow is just a cute little girl with braids and a green outfit.

Cordelia was a cat. This was a rainy Hallowe'en (our first ever), so it turned out well that Cordelia's raincoat has cats on it.

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