November 2012

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In November we went to Blake's cousin Kevin's wedding. The wedding was at the Atlantis Pavillions at Ontario Place. I don't know what's going to become of this venue now that Ontario Place is on the chopping block; I'm glad I got to come to an event here because it's spectacular.
Here's the view of the city from the parking lot.

The whole place overhangs Lake Ontario — that blue you see out the window is water.

It was one of the most extravagant, full-on weddings I have ever been to.

I'm not sure what inspired this face.

We played at the playground at Davisville school one day.

Then we came home and the kids climbed the tree across the street.

On a PD day in November I took the girls down to the Eaton Centre to check out the decorations. They have fantastical new two-storey metal reindeer. Cordelia's standing next to his leg and you can see his head leaning over the railing behind Delphine.

And a weird tree/rocket. No Swarovski tree this year.

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