December 2012

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Delphine likes to sit with her back up against the heating vent. (We still have the big old ones.)

We went to Casa Loma for their new-this-year Christmas fandango with Opera Atelier. In addition to a scavenger hunt, crafts, shows, and a bake sale (!) they had this lovely Santa, who was tucked away so he didn't have a huge lineup. I think this is the first Santa picture we've had since Delphine was in daycare.

Delphine with her scavenger hunt card. I don't know what inspired this pose.

And Cordelia with hers. I don't know what inspired this face, either.

Christmas Eve; I don't know what they're watching (probably Mythbusters).

Teaching cousin Charlie how to do snow angels while Blake shovels the whole block.

Delphine screwed up all her courage (and found some local anaesthetic cream under the Christmas tree) and got her ears pierced.

At the Ontario Science Centre's exhibit about colonizing space. Cordelia is "modelling" the next generation of space suit.

Mars Rover, AAAAHH!


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