Amy Goes to Portland: Pictures

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The leaky ceiling at the Portland airport made me feel right at home.

This is a staircase at Powell's, where they have an Espresso book printing machine. I think I'm going to put this picture on my work website.

Everything in Portland is covered in moss.

This is the youth hostel in Portland — gorgeous! A lot of the houses I saw were of this vintage (if not this stature), with lots of woodwork.

It must be a house painter's paradise!

One thing I didn't love about Portland was this giant expressway in the middle of the city. I could hear the hum of the cars from my hotel room. Thanks to Jane Jacobs for sparing us that...


This was the creepy movie still that greeted me by my hotel room door. "Creepy" is one of Delphine's overused adjectives, but in this case it's appropriate.

I like the "falling off your bike" ped, but this is also a nice shot of one of Portland's lovely and effective light rail trains.

This area used to be a rail yard, and these pictures are reproductions of paintings done by a rail yard worker on the support pillars. Someone is trying to raise money to restore and preserve the original paintings, but the signage was a few years old so I don't know how that's going.

The seats at the Max (transit) stop near my hotel were shaped like punctuation! Portland is clearly the perfect town for a writers' conference.

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